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About Divibank

Currently, Divibank offers loans for companies to invest in online marketing campaigns. We also offer an optional marketing consulting service for our clients.

 We also offer an optional marketing consulting service for our clients.

At Divibank, we finance your online marketing campaigns. We analyse the performance of your ads alongside your company’s financial information to determine how to help you grow.

Once we approve your loan, we deposit the funds directly onto your online marketing platform. Currently, we work with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Criteo, Taboola, among others.

Our payment scheme is based on your company’s future income. We do not charge fixed monthly installments. Instead, we take a fixed percentage of your monthly income until you have paid back your loan and all associated fees. Therefore, if you end up having a less successful month, your payment will be smaller.

Our media plans are recurring - we finance your marketing campaigns monthly.

Our goal is to increase the availability of credit for small companies and startups in Brazil.

Our innovative digital process allows us to analyse and approve potential clients much more efficiently than traditional financial institutions.

Our payment schemes are based on our client’s income - not fixed percentages. This means that our interests are always aligned with our clients and we won’t put them in a position where they are unable to pay back their loans.

We also offer a marketing consultancy in order to help our clients maximise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Currently, our loans can only be used for digital ads. This does not include the cost of creating the images, videos, copywriting or agency fees. 

Fill in our online form or contact us through our email contato@divibank.co

No. Divibank is a fintech company which acts as a banking correspondent to offer growth capital to small companies and startups.

We offer this service through our Socinal S. A. partner 

No. We only offer loans to legal entities.

We do not manage our client’s marketing campaigns - they are responsible for creating and organizing their marketing strategy. However, we offer them consulting services, which offer tips and suggestions based on our market experience. 

Currently, we only work with legal entities (Pessoas Jurídicas) in Brazil.,

No. We are committed to protecting our client’s data and maintaining their privacy.

During the credit analysis process, we do send some basic information to credit bureaus (such as Serasa, Boa Vista, and the Brazilian Central Bank’s SCR) in order to consult their databases.

Check out out Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions for more information

About our loans

Before you request a loan, you should know there are a few requirements your company must fulfill for us to process your request. Your company must:

  1. Have revenue for more than 6 months
  2. Have invested in online marketing for at least 3 months
  3. Have a digital sales platform (not necessarily on your own website)
  4. Be considered a legal entity (Pessoa Jurídica) in Brazil
  5. Be located in Brazil.

If your company fulfills these requirements and you would like to request a loan, please fill in our online form here.

Our loans are tailored for online marketing campaigns. We provide monthly deposits based on our client’s marketing strategies. Therefore, we suggest you request the amount you plan on spending during the next month.

The final amount we decide to offer is subject to an internal analysis at Divibank and may be different from your original request.

Your company will pay monthly installments based on a fixed percentage of your income until you have paid back the amount owed and any additional fees.

For example, if your company agrees to provide us with 1% of future income and your monthly revenue is R$100,000, the amount paid to Divibank will be R$1,000. If your income decreases to R$90,000 during the next month, your payment will be R$900.

A porcentagem fixa de receita futuras que cobramos é negociado na hora do pedido de empréstimo. Esta porcentagem depende do valor médio de faturamento mensal e valor do empréstimo.

There is no set period for you to pay back your loan - it's entirely dependent on the size of the loan and your monthly income. Using our simulator you can visualize different scenarios.

Since the size of your monthly payments is based entirely on your income, the estimated period of the loan may change throughout its lifetime.

Your funds will be deposited directly onto your account on the marketing platform. For platforms with a pre-paid model (e.g. boleto), we will deposit the funds as soon as the loan is approved.

For platforms with a post-paid model (e.g.credit cards), we will only deposit the funds after the ads have run.

No. We only offer loans to legal entities.

No. We only work with entities which have existed for at least 6 months.

No. Currently, we only work with companies which have already invested in online marketing.

Since we are a technology-based company, we are able to grant loans quickly.

After your first loan is approved, we can provide funds within 72 hours - in fact, we have already granted loans in less than 12 hours.

Each loan request is analysed individually.

Currently, we only work with companies which have had revenue for more than 6 months and have experience in online marketing. We also check public databases, such as Serasa and the Central Bank to analyse your creditworthiness.

If you have any questions about your loan specifically, please contact us through our email - contato@divibank.co .

The SCR (“Sistema de Informações de Crédito do Banco Central do Brasil”) refers to the Central Bank’s Credit Information System. It allows us to consult the information which other financial institutions have on you and your company.

You can access all of your data for free on www.bcb.gov.br/?SCR.

Currently, we accept payment through direct bank transfers and boletos.

Yes. You can advance your payments and repay your debt as soon as you wish.

About our consulting services

Currently, all our consulting services are custom-made to fit our client’s needs. These include ad analyses, marketing strategy optimisation, campaign audits, and presentations.

For more information, please contact us directly through our email - contato@divibank.co.

No. Divibank does not act as a publicity agency, we only offer consulting services for our clients.

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